Diviine Deed #1 (April - June 2011)



Cody Anderson

Thank You! We want to thank our customers for their support, in orders as well as personal donations, that helped raise over $6,230 for Cody.

Cody and Amy were married in 2002.  Three years later they welcomed Hutton into their home, shortly after this joyous event the Anderson’s nightmare began as Cody became extremely sick and was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis.  Because of the all-consuming nature of the illness, Cody had to quit his job and after 2 years of pain and anguish, they opted for surgery.  Generally, it takes two surgeries to get back on your feet, but Cody had several complications, resulting in multiple hospitalizations and several other corrective surgeries.

In 2009 Cody was on the mend, devoting himself to his family and giving them the life they deserved!  They were even lucky enough to have one more child, Huston.  In the spring of 2010 he was hit again, this time he was diagnosed with Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis (PSC).  This disease damages and blocks bile ducts inside and outside the liver and by winter 2011 Cody was once again admitted to the hospital due to a bleeding ulcer close to his liver.  They were told that his liver was enlarged and was not operating at 100%.  After the failure of a stent placement he was given his last option; He needed a liver transplant at the age of 31.  Shockingly, a Liver Transplant is considered an elective surgery, and the insurance does not cover everything.  Cody's liver transplant will cost $40,000-$70,000 out of pocket.

Recently the bile ducts on the inside and outside of Cody's liver are shutting down. His condition is worsening and he is now 3rd on the list for a Liver Transplant. Time is of the essence to save Cody's life. He is no longer able to work and can barely get out of bed. Life for Cody as he knew it, no longer exists. But we as a family at Diviine ModesTee and with your help can give Cody his life back and help him reach the full enjoyment of life that he has not had the opportunity to embrace. This condition is usually common in the late 40's to 50's, but not at 31 years old! His wife, Amy works two jobs to support Cody and their two vivacious boys! The feeling of giving and serving each other is the meaning of this life. It gives us purpose to who we are and what we will become. Thank you for helping SAVE CODY!

Learn more at 'Anything for a Friend'   Follow Cody's Journey at: http://change4cody.com