Diviine Deed #3: Daniel Leech

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We Did It!
Thank You! We want to thank our customers for their support, in orders as well as personal donations, that helped exceed our goal of $5000 for Daniel. We contributed $5993!

Daniel is an amazing 18 year old that has already faced things that no teenager should have too. Three and a half years ago his world was turned upside down when he received the diagnosis of Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia. He and his family hit this disease head on and after 40 months of treatment his port was removed and he was ready to move on with his life. As you can imagine, they have formed an extremely close bond while on this journey that has changed them, their friends, and their community. They are the picture of strength, perseverance and love.

They would draw on these characteristics once again when only a few short months later they learned in April 2011 that his Leukemia was back with a vengeance and again the family has made the choice to press forward, bound and determined to beat this disease.

All families with these types of diagnoses face a magnitude of challenges, but the Leech’s are again unique, as they also take care of Daniel’s father, who in his early 50’s was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and requires 24 hour care, leaving Daniel’s mom, Sheila as the sole provider and caretaker for him, his 2 older brothers, and his dad. She does this all with amazing character, love, and compassion, which she has passed on to her boys!

Daniel is having a fund raising event

Diviine Modestee will be there to participate and to present your donation.  Join us in the fun and personally extend your support to Daniel.

Date: September 17th, 2011

Time: 7am-12pm

Location: Davis High School, Kaysville, UT


  • 5K walk and fun run
  • Breakfast
  • Silent/live auction
  • Kid's Corner (Jazz Bear, Bounce Houses, Balloon animals, character drawings)
  • Car Show
  • Concert in the Ed Kenley Amphitheatre with Midlife Crisis and Code Blue!