Thankful Tuesday Savannah Winner

It's really a great week to do a Thankful Tuesday because of course, it's Thanksgiving. Gratitude is something that we always have, but are certainly more aware of at Thanksgiving time. During the course of our Thankful Tuesday Giveaways, it's been really nice to read about our Facebook Fans and Customers and what or who you are thankful for. We've also mixed it up and occasionally asked about something you did for someone that day. And believe it nor not, we've read every single post. We are grateful and thankful to YOU for allowing us a brief glimpse into your lives and thoughts and for sharing those with us through our Thankful Tuesday Giveaways. While we can only have one winner, hopefully each of you have 'won' by expressing your thoughts and giving pause to realize that you do good for people each day, that you have something to be thankful for each day, that your life is amazing!

Now, on to the winner this week...

Sabrina Noela Puckett! Here's what she had to say: "1. I'm so thankful God has blessed me by giving me my own wonderful family, who can have fun and rejoice together but who will be beside each other fighting for and supporting each other even through the difficult times:)
2. What I love about the Savanah dress is how it is both vintage and modern at the same all while still being modest! Plus lace is my favorite material and blue is my favorite color.
3. I'm sharing this for sure!"

Sabrina, you've won the beautiful Savannah dress, just email with your mailing address and size you'd like and we'll get that sent right out to you. Congratulations!

As we like to do, this dress is now our Diviine Deal this week. Regularly $94, it's now $64 through Monday, December 1, 2014 on our Diviine Deal Page.