Rachel's Sister

In a recent search looking for a particular person that one of our office staff knew of, Diviine Modestee's owner stumbled across the GoFundMe account of a woman trying to help her sister with her large medical bills and necessary surgery. The kindness of Rachel in wanting to help her sister really touched Chantelle, who comes from a large family of sisters and she felt moved to help.

The GoFundMe for Rachel's sister highlighted the following issues: "Hello, My sister is a single mom who has had every financial problem you could think of.  She has also had every medical problem you could think of and with no way of paying for them. She recently was diagnosed with a stomach issue and was in need of an urgent and neccessary surgery to fix the problem and her constant pain. She squared away babysitters, work schedule and got everything in order for this surgery. She was scheduled to have it tomorrow, October 19, untill she got a call stating that she needed to pay $700 up front before this "urgent" surgery could be performed. Not having even $10 in her bank account she will not be getting this surgery and will have to suffer in pain untill she can get the money needed. We aren't asking for too much but enough for her to recieve this surgery and to help with medication afterwards. Thanks for your time & support!"

From Diviine Modestee's Diviine Deed Fund we were able to complete the amount that was needed for Rachel's sister to have her much-needed surgery. However, surgeries and after-care are both very expensive, so if you feel like you'd love to donate, just click on the photo to go directly to the GoFundMe page.